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Welcome to North LA County CARES Mentoring Movement


Gwendolynne Cole,

Executive Director & Affiliate Leader

It is a privilege to represent and lead this amazing organization. As you visit our website, we thank you and hope it will assist in learning more about the CARES work that's operating in the Northern Valley of Los Angeles County since 2011. Back in 2010, Ms. Susan L. Taylor came to the Antelope Valley to launch an Affiliate Site and introduce the Valley to the "Power" of Mentoring. I had no idea she would be looking for me and in that moment; however, I immediately knew I would be connected to this work that impacts our youth. The way Susan hugs you and calls you "Beloved" is nurturing to your soul. She touches your heart and reminds you how powerful and amazing you are to impact the world. The National Cares organization resonate with the "LOVE" needed to heal our children and it flows to every organization and individual connected to this work. 


Initially in planning for months to recruit the right leadership, we launched a team of amazing loving, caring and educated individuals to share the vision and began building the Antelope Valley CARES Mentoring Movement (AVCMM) in 2011. Since its inception, the AVCMM has partnered with schools, community organizations, faith-based and non-profit organizations to recruit, train and direct mentors. We have been at the forefront of several movements in the Antelope Valley on behalf of our youth, including; rallies (such as the largest youth march in the Valley), youth leadership summits, Justice Sunday - Day of Service, community clean-up, and mentoring. The AVCMM work did not stop there!


Currently, we have expanded our vision to the North Valley of Los Angeles County to include several areas north of downtown Los Angeles. This expansion brought on a name change for the organization to the North LA County Cares Mentoring Movement (NLACC). This change and expansion is creating more growth, partnerships that are recruiting Mentors to "Save Our Generations." Together, we will overcome the many challenges that face our youth, including trauma, tragedy, homelessness, suicide, violence, inadequate academic system and an ill-equipped health service system. Going forward, we will WIN!

Our History

The North LA County CARES Mentoring Movement  (NLACC), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in partnership with the National CARES, began its journey in 2010 with a visit from Susan L. Taylor to the Antelope Valley community (known as the "Forgotten City"). This journey started with a community call to the Faith Based Churches of the need for mentors. The call was answered by Gwendolynne Cole creating the 36th of 58 Affiliate, the NLACC formerly named Antelope Valley CARES Mentoring Movement in the United States. 


Our strong voice for supporting and promoting a  responsible mentoring initiatives throughout the Northern LA County Valley to recruit, train, and direct mentors by continuing to sound the alarm and raise awareness of the state of emergency of the under resourced children in our community that is growing. These thoughtful and generous men and women volunteers, serve as mentors and role models fostering the recovery and well-being of our community.


NVLACC is partnering and collaborating together with various organization to share responsibility and information that will promote the recruitment and retention of mentors. It will engage in activities that are designed to connect volunteer mentors to local mentoring organizations and provide educational support to local school entities, churches, community based organizations or individual groups of young people for the purpose of strengthening academic competencies, building self esteem and building positive youth development.


Volunteer mentors are provided a four hour mentoring training workshop that will educate them on the national standards and guidelines of mentoring to serve the children in various organization committed and dedicated to filling that gap.

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