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Can Make Time

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Mentoring is all about caring. It's caring enough to commit just one hour a week to advise and help guide a vulnerable young person. None of the forces claiming our youth's lives are more powerful than our commitment and love. We are the solution. Won't you please help us?

Susan L. Taylor, Founder, National CARES Mentoring Movement
Editor-in-Chief Emeritus, Essence Magazine



Pure Intention

The MISSION of the National CARES Mentoring Movement is to secure, heal and transform the lives of impoverished Black children by inspiring, recruiting and mobilizing masses of caring Black men and women to mentor and nourish them. Our national volunteer affiliate network connects adults to local youth-serving organizations. Our national group-mentoring programs focus on the emotional, social and academic development of our children and the wellness of the adults who parent, mentor and educate them.

We ENVISION a nation in which all Black children are loved, have access to quality, culturally competent education and are supported by well-resourced families and communities living in harmony and guided by faith.

We ENVISION a world which African-American children and families are deeply rooted in mutual love and the history of Black people; and where they are respected for all that our foreparents withstood and contributed to enrich the United States and the world.

National CARES Mentoring Movement exists to ensure the nation's most vulnerable population - Black children living in poverty. Their lives are being shredded by many of the very institutions created to nourish all of Black children in our country. Our more than 140,000 mentors and local CARES Affiliate Leaders across our 58 U.S. cities network are devoted to advancing our young who are isolated and mostly written off by society. We are writing them in!

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Black Youth 

Did you know? In the last ten years, suicide rates among Black youth ages five to eleven have doubled, while the rate among White youth in the same age group has declined. 

Together, we can raise our voices to demand research be done, educate our parents and communities and ensure that our youth receive the love and healing they need to thrive.

-National CARES Mentoring Movement

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